Qualifications and Experience

Level 3 First Aid                                       Qualified since 1987

Level 2 Gym Instructor                                               1997

Indoor Studio Cycle Instructor                                  1997

Studio Circuit Training Instructor                             1997

Anatomy & Physiology Qualification                        1997

Level 3 Personal Trainer                                            1997

BTEC Business Qualification                                    2014

Aerial Hoop & Pole Fitness Qualification                 2013

Nutrition & Weight Management Qualification       2014

I have also studied; Social Sciences, Body Language, Yoga, Ballet Barre, Tap Dancing (Level 5), Meditation, Ketogenic Diet, Ayurveda & many more.

I am a member of many sports and fitness organisations.  I am a brand ambassador for several fitness clothing ranges.

I taught at local Health Clubs for 6 years, before going it alone.  I have been running my business from my own studio since 2010.  Launching SJFitness4Life Limited in 2013.   Prior to this I was also qualified as a Microsoft Instructor, Certified Technical Trainer, Certified Desktop Support and over 30 additional Software, technical & Business qualifications.

Charitable Work

I am a true patron of Great Britain and believe charity begins at home.  Every supplier, clothing company and affiliate that I work with is British.  Therefore all of my charity work is for Great Britain and helps those close to home.  The charities I support are all local to myself; Animal Welfare, Cats Protection, South Essex Wildlife, All Cancer Charities & more.

January 2019

Myself and my clients are currently raising money for the South Essex Wildlife Hospital please join us, every penny goes directly to the animals and the people who work for the charity do so for no money, so I know all moneys earned will be used for good.  £500.00 was raised for the South Essex Wildlife Hospital.

Next Fundraiser

My next fundraiser is for my studio, I help many many people recovering from injury and illness and those starting fitness for the first time.  In order to help more people I need to install ramps and access to my studio (currently accessed through my home).  Unfortunately I do not have the finances or help required to do this, therefore I will be running many fundraisers throughout 2020 in order to raise the monies needed to install this equipment.  Then I can truly offer my help to everyone in my local community who needs it.


Fundraising starts 01/01/2020.