Injury & Rehabilitation

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At SJFitness4Life the majority of my clients come to me with one or more injuries or issues.  I always ensure clients have full range of movement and all issues are dealt with prior to starting an exercise programme.

I myself have had serious; Back, Shoulder, Hip, Thigh and wrist injuries, so I understand the pain and problems that arise with long term pain.  Emotionally, mentally and physically.  That is why I dedicate so much time to getting people back to feeling good again, relieving stress, emotional and health issues.

To aid in rehabilitation the studio is equipped with; functional equipment, indoor cycle,  rower, kettle bells, battle ropes, foam & trigger rollers,  vibrational equipment and much more.

Get in touch today, every day is precious and pain is something none of us should have to live with on a daily basis.

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07958 233049


19 Anthony Drive.


Essex SS17 8BT

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