Kettlebells are so effective because they stimulate the muscles and surpass standard cardio exercises. They enable you to increase your strength, build up speed as well as your endurance level at the same time. Many Kettlebell exercises flow together. You don't really even need to put the weight down.


Working out with Kettlebells—those weights that look like cannonballs with handles—is the latest fitness craze, and for good reason. A Kettlebell workout can get you total-body toning, increased cardiovascular fitness, core strengthening and improved posture and balance—without a big time investment.

Kettlebell training increases work capacity, and it increases it very quickly. Because of the ballistic nature of Kettlebell training, you can improve cardiovascular ability while also strengthening your hips, legs, lower back, and core in a very short amount of time.  Here are my top ten benefits of Kettlebells.

The Top 10 Benefits Of Kettlebells


  1. Crazy Calorie Burn Potential
    A study from ACE revealed that swinging a Kettlebell around can blast up to 20 calories per minute. To put that into perspective, that’s about how many calories you burn per minute if running a 6-minute mile. Just think, a 20 minute workout could have you burning up to 400 calories!


  2. Increase Your Range Of Movement
    We all want to be able to move freely and without pain, right? I’m not getting any younger, and things seem to stiffen up on a daily basis.  Kettlebells can help keep the body loose and moving in all plans of motion to help decrease risk of injuries and aches/pains.  Large moves performed with Kettlebells like swings, cleans, snatches and beloved Turkish Get-ups are amazing for joint health and flexibility.


  3. The Total Package
    When you think of strength, you think lifting weights. When you think cardio, you think running/biking/swimming. And when you think flexibility, you think yoga.  Well, now you can have all three of those classes in one workout.  The ballistic nature of Kettlebell training incorporates all forms of fitness.


  4. They’re Functional
    Yes, functional is a word that gets thrown around a lot in the fitness world. However, when it comes to Kettlebells, they really are functional.  They help you handle everyday life movements with ease.


  5. They’re Not Balanced Like traditional weights
    Because of the unique shape of the Kettlebell, the centre of gravity isn’t the centre (like with a dumbbell or plate).  To keep stable, your core and glutes have to work harder.  What does this mean for you? A stronger core can help reduce back pain, help to make you a faster runner, help to eliminate risk of injuries and increase your overall calorie burn.


  6. Improved Awareness of Your Own Body
    Exercise can be mindless. You get into a habit and before you know it you’re just going through the motions. You really can’t do that with Kettlebells. You have to keep focused on your body and think about the muscles and moves you’re working on to ensure you don’t end up with a stupid gym injury.


  7. You Feel Like A Kettlebell queen/king
    Have you ever watched someone workout with Kettlebells? It looks intimidating, it looks a little frightening, but most of all, it looks awesome.  When you acquire the skills to do Kettlebell specific skills like the get-up, swings, and windmills, you feel like a fitness rock star.


  8. You Only Need One
    Strength training is extremely beneficial for body composition, joint and bone health, metabolism, strength… you get it.  For most weighted moves you need two…With Kettlebells, you just need one. Saves £££ and space.


  9. They Are Fun!
    If a workout is boring, what’s going to keep you invested? Throwing things is always a good time (especially on stressful days) and you’ll be amazed at how sore you wake up the next morning.


  10. It’s A Change
    And finally… it’s an awesome way to change up a static workout program.  If you’ve hit a plateau, or you just feel like the spark is out between you and your regular workout program, then grabbing for a Kettlebell can help.



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