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When embarking upon Personal Training for the first time, you may find it somewhat confusing, do you want to do HIIT or Cross Fit? Class or 1-2-1? To help you work your way through the terminology and options available I have put together the following  guide to help you find your Your Fitness for Life!

At SJFitness4Life, there are many ways to get fit, allowing you the freedom to chose something to suit your budget and your lifestyle.  Aside from the traditional studio training, you also have the option of; Studio Cycle, Power Plate,Training Programmes and training at your home or gym.  A few things to consider when deciding if Personal Training is right for you;

  • How often (times per week) do you want to train and on what days

  • How long do you want each session to last

  • Do you work shifts/nights or unusual hours

  • Are you looking to increase your knowledge of fitness

  • Do you have a specific body area you wish to work on

  • Are you recovering from an injury

  • Have you just had a life change (married, divorce, baby)

  • Have you always wanted to try different formats, such as Kettlebells, Battle Ropes etc

  • Are you looking for something that challenges you

  • Do you need some motivation

  • Do you have a special event or occasion coming up

  • Are you training for; tough mudder, charity run, marathon etc

  • Are you looking to join and make friends

  • Do you need help strengthening your joints

  • Are you suffering from tight joints, muscles and pain

If you answered yes to at least two of the above, then Personal Training can definitely help you.  I offer training sessions from my private studio, along with visits to clients homes, with sessions varying in duration from 30 to 60 minutes.  Training sessions can be for just you (1-2-1);  plus one (2-2-1), close friends (Private Class or Group PT) or your family (2-2-1, Private Class, Group PT).


Whatever your lifestyle, or goals, I have something to suit every person, every lifestyle and every budget.  The world of fitness can seem a confusing place, with so many options available, my job is to simplify exercises and formats, giving you educational training as well as physical fitness training, there are many many ways to train, it's about finding what's right for you!

Included in the price of all Personal Training sessions:

  • Assessments; Fitness, Health, Strength, Nutritional, Flexibility, Weigh & Measure, Blood Pressure, Lung Capacity

  • Body Composition. Weigh & Measure.

  • Homework Assistance 

  • Nutritional & Dietary guidance

  • Special Offers

  • Member Only Portal - access to online Training videos, informational's, fact sheets etc.

The following are popular formats for Personal Training Sessions... ,however, there are many many ways to train, it's about finding what's right for you, find your Fit4Life at SJFitness4Life.  Contact me today to kick start your fitness journey. 

Core Strength & Conditioning

Having a strong core is essential for today's modern living.  

A strong core provides a reduced risk of injury to the lower back & limbs, whilst improving stability, posture, balance, body control & power.  

Strengthen; hips, back, stomach, obliques, hip flexors, back & hamstrings!


Body-weight Training 

An excellent way to get it & healthy.  An excellent fat burner plus it also improves; core strength, flexibility, balance & aids in injury prevention.  


Muscle definition & toning up rather than bulk.  

Ideal for those loosing weight or returning to fitness. 


Group PT


Group PT Classes.  Need or Want tio try some Personal Training?  These sessions are designed for up to four people and are an excellent way to get PT at a fraction of the price.


Classes will run twice weekly for 45 minutes.

Train Insane 

A PT group class, giving you the chance to try out every type of exercise from;  Body weight, Cross Fit, Battle Ropes, Tabata, Slam Balls, Dumbbells, Barbells, Kettlebells & much more.

Sessions run every evening Monday to Friday, with Insanity Challenges every 3 months. 

Think Cross Fit vs SAS

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