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SJFitness4Life uses the Power Plate both as a separate service and as a Personal Training tool.  The results speak for themselves, use the plate 4-5 times per week for 20 minutes each time and expect to drop a dress size in 4 weeks (as long as a healthy eating plan is accompanying the training).

The Power Plate

The JTX Pro-10 is a tri-plane vibrating plate. It works in exactly the same way as the vibration plates found in high-end gyms throughout the UK. It vibrates in three directions, simultaneously, at high speed. This allows users to operate the plate through a huge power range with the “buzzing” vibration creating the perfect platform for serious training. It is a very different movement to the “see-saw” motion traditionally found on oscillation plates. 

The vibrating plate is able to create an incredibly effective vibration by moving over very small distances.


The distance the plate moves is known as the amplitude. The speed at which the plate moves (per second) is known as Hertz (hz).  The Pro-10 has two amplitude settings: Low and High and a hz range of 30-50 hz.  Switching from the Low to High amplitude and increasing the speed (hz) all have a dramatic affect on the power or intensity of the movement. The amplitude (power) and Hz (speed) combine to create a huge intensity range, making the Pro-10 ideal for a huge variety of workout types and goals.


  • Increasing Strength & Flexibility

  • Rapid Weight Loss

  • Reducing Cellulite

  • Improving circulation & bone density

  • Reducing recover time from pain & Injury

Built with a sturdy steel frame and fibre glass mould and at 116 kg the Pro-10 is constructed and finished to a very high standard. This high quality shell houses a 150 watt commercial grade AC motor. 

Price Packages:

The first session is 45 minutes long, as this is where your Personal Training Programme is initially designed, with you, to try out as we go.  Every session thereafter is just 20 minutes long.  The session is held in the studio with just you and myself there to guide you through each step of the way.  Your bespoke tailored programme will be reviewed every 3-4 weeks to ensure you are getting the absolute maximum benefits you can.


In order to achieve maximum benefits, it is advised to perform 3-4 sessions per week.  Starting with 1-2 in the first week then increasing on week 2 and again in week 4-5.


Clients are required to bring with them; a clean towel and socks and refreshment(s).  At each session start each client is required to wipe down the machine and place their towel on the plate, once finished the entire plate and grip handles, should be wiped down, ready for the next client.  A maximum of 5 sessions per week can be booked (1 per day).  All sessions must be prepaid and booked in advance.

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First & Single Sessions

Initial Session, including Personalized Programme & Guidance - 45 minutes -  £20.00

Individual sessions thereafter - 20 minutes -  £10.00 


Initial/first session plus 7 sessions x 20 minutes), 121 guidance & programme analysis & increase of intensity,/exercises.   £90.00 


Perfect for a super quick fix (4x faster than std training) ideal for before a holiday or event.  

Unlimited Monthly Use (Monday-Friday only).     £200.00

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