Vibrational Training

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Vibrational wellness Training is an excellent aid for those starting out in fitness, those returning to fitness after injury or time out, those who are loosing weight, anyone with circulatory issues and can help anybody improve their overall; muscle tone, blood sugar control, bone health, circulation and functional capacity.

The main benefits are;

  • Improving muscle quality.

  • Control of Blood sugar.

  • Improving bone health.

  • Reducing fat tissue (especially visceral – around the abdomen).

  • Physical conditioning

  • Muscle strength.

  • Functional capacity.

  • Injury recovery.

  • Reducing fluid retention.

  • Reducing cellulite.

Elderly Adults

Elderly adults can see improvement from vibration machines. Bone mineral density can increase in older women who use the machines. Elderly patients also can experience improved muscle strength and balance and lessen the risk of falling.

Weight Loss

Diabetes Forecast reports on a study done at Artesis University College and the University of Antwerp in Belgium which concluded that vibration training may have benefits for obese patients. In a study of 79 overweight adults, those who used vibration platforms to perform a variety of exercises lost 11 percent of their body weight. In a follow-up, they had maintained a 10.5-percent weight loss.

Vibrational wellness training is offered as a 15 minute session, for 1-2 people.  It can also be added to a Personal Training schedule to improve results of the training currently undertaken.



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